Martin F. Schlögl's other models

AstroMedia "Kopernikus Planetarium"

tellurion with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon
made of cardboard
diameter 44 cm
height 30 cm
crank handle drive, illuminated sun
planetarium built July 2009

eaglemoss publications orrery

orrery orrery with sun, planets, some dwarf planets and moons
made of brass
diameter 53 cm
height 37 cm
electric driven
built February - December 2010 planetarium

eaglemoss publications orbiter

accurate tellurion with Sun, Earth and Moon
made of brass
diameter 42 cm
height 34 cm
electric driven, illuminated sun
orbiter built December 2010 - November 2011

Wilesco steam engine D10

Wilesco D10 miniature steam engine
dimensions 260 x 200 x 240 mm
weight 1.3 kg
fired with Esbit dry spirit

purchased February 2011, in used condition

AstroMedia stirling engine

stirling engine, made of cardboard
dimensions: 126 x 126 x 165 mm
powered by a hot cup of water

built March 2011

stirling engine
stirling engine

stirling engine

metal made stirling engine
diameter: 100mm
height: 120 mm
powered by a hot cup of water

pruchased June 2011
stirling engine

Van de Graaff generator

high voltage generator
electric driven

built June 2014
van de graaff

Wimshurst machine

high voltage generator, made of cardboard
crank handle drive

built September 2015